Can’t add Pins to Pinterest for some reason…

So I am going to just upload my edits here first and then check it tomorrow or something. One nice NEW addition Pinterest has made – you can now add MP4 files or video file formats to Pinterest (previously you could only add GIF format to Pinterest) so that’s going to make life a lot easier 🙂

Here’s an edit I was mucking around with today taken from the New Hope Steelbook:


And then I was playing around with a GIF with static image overlays – so it’s supposed to be a faster moving GIF in Vader’s eyes but the timing isn’t quite right yet. I wanted to portray the image of Vader as Vader looking out at the galaxy, the galaxy he was about to conquer and rule but I don’t like the timing on the GIF so I’ll change that before I upload it to Pinterest 🙂



Star Wars Animation – Darth Vader

I had some time to animate this awesome art by @wraithdt on Instagram:


And my edit:


Star Wars Edit – Darth Vader Star Wars Galaxy’s

I’ve been in love with this image since I first saw it. It shows Vader in a powerful pose as master of his domain, powerful in the dark side of the force, ready to kick ass!

I’ve edited it a few times, but this image is by far the best quality

And my updated video 😁

Darth Vader Comic Cover Edit / GIF

I worked on this one a fair bit because I didn’t like how the original image looked (although the art is fantastic!). I watned to see how it would look as a GIF and tried a couple of things finally I was happy with the result:

Original art by unknown – this cover is not listed on Wookiepedia either


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If Darth Vader and Kylo Ren went to a psychiatrist…

… how do you think they’d be diagnosed? I don’t think it’s split personality but I’m not a psychiatrist. I wonder if they even have psychiatrists in the Star Wars universe? They surely need them 🤣😂