Darth Vader Comic Cover Edit / GIF

I worked on this one a fair bit because I didn’t like how the original image looked (although the art is fantastic!). I watned to see how it would look as a GIF and tried a couple of things finally I was happy with the result:

Original art by unknown – this cover is not listed on Wookiepedia either


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If Darth Vader and Kylo Ren went to a psychiatrist…

… how do you think they’d be diagnosed? I don’t think it’s split personality but I’m not a psychiatrist. I wonder if they even have psychiatrists in the Star Wars universe? They surely need them 🤣😂

Art of the Day

More of my Star Wars edits and GIFs

Just posting my latest GIFs and image edits because I have time to do them 🙂

Another edit from The Dark Side: An Illustrated Story

The Dark Side An Illustrated Story EDIT01

Daisy Ridley as Rey on the cover of Star Wars Insider Magazine SE


Motion art from artist Kamome Shiraha:

KamomeShirahamaEDIT01 (705px, 15fps)

And this beautiful art from Alice Zhang:

ALICEZHANGEDIT01 (772px, 25fps)


“What is thy bidding, my master?”…


Just a little animation I put together to keep things ticking over on my social media accounts. I don’t usually do sound when I animate images but I really liked this art and felt it would be better with sound so I added Darth Vader’s famous line “What is thy bidding, my master?” to it 🙂

Turned out pretty OK. The original art is taken from the image above

And here’s my image edit:


And the final animation:


Star Wars Post – two more edits and motion art

I’ve been making things inbetween thinking about my fanfic, so far the thinking part is fine but it’s the writing down and fleshing out the ideas part that isn’t. So I’ve decided to keep things focused on Star Wars imagery to help me visualise what I need to write. The good news is I have a two week holiday coming up like most people do for the holidays, so I’ve decided that will be the best time for me to create the rest of the plot for my fanfic. I need to decide if the story is worth picking up from what I’ve already written OR if it will just be easier for me to write a brand new fic with maybe a few ideas taken from the original. Being a sporadic writer, it’s a bigger challenge for me to actually write. I struggle when I don’t feel inspired and even though many famous writers say that this is the most crucial time to write, I fail at doing this. If I don’t feel it, I can’t fake my way through creating a character or a scene. It’s not that I am not dedicated enough, it’s that I just can’t force creativity when there’s nothing to create with or from in the first place. Continue reading → Star Wars Post – two more edits and motion art

Star Wars Post – Marvel Star Wars Darth Vader 025 variant cover

There’s a whole heap of new Marvel star wars comics releasing soon which follow the three areas of the films – The Prequel Trilogy, the Original Trilogy and the Sequel Trilogy called Age of Republic, Age of Rebellion and Age of Resistance. As well as those we have the rest of Darth Vader’s story and I really couldn’t move past this beautiful variant cover by Gabrielle Dell’Otto. I decided to make some edits – here’s the original: Continue reading → Star Wars Post – Marvel Star Wars Darth Vader 025 variant cover

Star Wars Post – Instagram voting on animation

I’ve thought of doing this for some time and I attempted this once before but it kind of died and fell on its face. This time around though, people actually voted for the image to animate and it was fun!

I ended up with equal votes for each image so I had to animate two:

IGSTORIESEDIT02 (792px, 15fps)

Image number two was a black and white image by a deviant art artist I could no longer locate on the site so I couldn’t credit 😦


I’ve already got another image ready to go but I’ll post that later on 🙂