What’s the deal with Silver and Bronze Armour Sets in SWTOR?

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I’ve always wanted to know why some sets in SWTOR are exactly the same set in a different tier. For instance, you can get a set that is supposed to be Bronze but the exact same set is also in the Silver tier. Here’s an example of what I mean – I took some in-game screenshots using the Classic Contractor armour set as an example:

The Classic Contractor – BRONZE


There is nothing aesthetically special about this set at all really other than the armour itself can be found in two tiers, both Bronze and Silver. The image above is the Bronze set (not to be confused with the Contractor armour set which is actually in the Silver tier). So there are several sets that I own (probably more than that now) that I’ve wondered about simply because when I was working on my inventory lists for categorising my armour, I discovered that some of these sets are in two tiers (or at least they were until BioWare updated the armour). Whilst I don’t have a whole set of the silver equivalent to show you, I do have a screenshot of part of that armour set here:


And as you can see, this auxiliary body armour is clearly Silver with the same name as the Bronze set. So with this confirmed, my next test was to actually compare the armour pieces to see if there is any difference at all (since they are in two different tiers).


And to my surprise, the sets are actually exactly the same! Immediately, I began to quickly calculate how this could potentially impact sales on the GTN and even affect the economy itself within SWTOR. Whilst a set like this wouldn’t have that much of an impact (because it’s not a very sought after set and won’t sell for much on the GTN), other sets might, especially if the same thing is happening within the Gold armour tier. You could potentially sell your crappy bronze gear as silver and demand a higher price. And if the same thing is happening in the Gold tier, you could push for even higher prices for armour knowing full well that it isn’t worth the price you’re asking. I mean sure, people do this all the time because they’re greedy, but this would actually be very different because you are selling something as a completely different item for more money. I wonder how many people have fallen to this already? I might have without knowing. I guess nobody cares because I haven’t read about this anywhere on any of the sites I frequent.

All the same,  its an interesting little armour tidbit worth knowing if you’re planning to go large on the GTN and make yourself some quick credits!

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