Enfys Nest – Solo A Star Wars Story

Hello, friends and May the 4th be with you –  a little belated, I know, but better late than never 🙂 I’ve been working on perfecting my plotagraph technique this weekend and kinda falling a little flat on my face as you’ll see.

So this is the image I wanted to animate of Enfys Nest (she’s kinda my thing right now seeing that Solo is like 20 or so days away OMG!!) which I’ve featured on my blog before because it’s just so damn cool:


Enfys Nest – art by Brady Goldsmith


The above image is one I edited and made all pretty in Photoshop first (the original was a little too dark for my liking), and after much deliberation, frustration, grunting and groaning, here is the (kind of) finished version of the plotagraph I made today in MP4 format (for Instagram in particular):

… and in GIF format for Pinterest:

ENFYS NEST 01 (600px, 24fps)

The biggest challenge was the hair and I still don’t like how it animates but it’s better than it was a day ago 🙂 I did add a few other things to it like embers (which you can see on the top left of the image) and sound but I’m not too sure what happened to that – for some reason it didn’t save when I saved the image for export.

Honestly, creating plotagraphs is just endless fun, I mean it is kind of difficult when you’re first starting out but it’s oh so worth it at the end – I’m having a blast!

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