Kylo Ren and Rey – The Connection

A huge edit that I did with Rey and Kylo Ren

So yesterday I wasn’t in the best of moods. I blame this entirely on having a migraine every day this week and having to wake up at 2-3am every morning in pain. I decided to take today off work and have a “me” day. This has been extremely beneficial as I spent some of my time cleaning up and editing a Rey and Kylo edit that I tried making once before and failed at miserably. I think this is a true testament to my photoshop skills improving over time, which makes me very happy!

Here’s the original image and as you can see, the background is still part of a larger image and needed to be tidied up to bring the focus in on the subjects.

Edit 01

And I thought I’d add a little animation to the lightsabers just because

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