Kylo Ren on the latest Cover of Star Wars Insider Magazine!

This is the first update I read this morning coming from Carl Milner’s blog for The Rise of Skywalker cover art and it’s magnificent.

Of course I had to create a textless version because it was so easy and because I wanted to:


What I love about this poster is that it showcases the dark side of the force, the new look Kylo Ren along with the Knights of Ren and the new TIE fighters which we really haven’t had a lot of coverage of. You can clearly see Kylo Ren’s helmet with the dark red cracks showing through and the new Daggar type TIE fighter which is pretty awesome! I love this poster, it’s actually one of my favourites now for The Rise of Skywalker.

Here’s the original just in case anyone wanted to see it:

New! Star Wars Insider: The Rise Of Skywalker Cover Art

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