Just when I said I wasn’t going to be blogging …

Ugh, sometimes I just hate fandoms. This is why I mostly never talk in forums or anywhere online where my personal opinion is subject to every tom, dick and harry passing judgement. Some might say that is the way of the internet, it is the way we can express and speak freely. But I don’t like doing that when I know, there are people in the world who look for a reason to troll someone or annoy them just because they can.

Here is what I am talking about – a reply to a twitter thread that I thought was really going to be light-hearted banter. Boy, was I wrong! I said one thing about Luke Skywalker and how I felt his character was mistreated in The Last Jedi and the whole galaxy decided to chime in – some liking my replies and others taking pot-shots at me for not being “educated” enough or for not taking the time to read through the thread. I think most people were annoyed because I didn’t read the thread and couldn’t, apparently, provide “evidence” to back up my reply. I just couldn’t be bothered finding the evidence (is Mark Hamill confirming he didn’t like what they did with Luke in The Last Jedi evidence enough?) because I knew it would only fuel the fire further.


The person that replied and started the thread @JacobSHall is a managing editor at Slash Film so more important than I am, I guess. Perhaps I should have spent 15 minutes of my time reading through his tweets mentioning how he spoke to Rian Johnson about TLJ. But I really didn’t care to, to be blunt. I was made to feel pretty bad about that whole thread, and I am continuing to get people tweeting things to me telling me I was rude or that I don’t know how to think. So people being trolls because they have nothing better to do with their time.

I will say that the original thread was interesting and I do not have a personal problem with @JacobSHall or anyone else. I just don’t want to keep getting tweets about it two days later. I’m over it and I am blocking anyone else that sends replies to me about that thread.

Thank You for reading, I hope this doesn’t happen to you or anyone you know because it can be a real downer 😔


2 thoughts on “Just when I said I wasn’t going to be blogging …

    1. Yup, and Twitter is definitely one of the worst. I’ve seen people get trolled terribly by other fans on twitter. I’m slowly beginning to think Twitter is just a sesspool of horrible people

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