30 Days of Photoshop Day Seven – Hue and Saturation

It’s day seven of our 30 Days of Photoshop series with Aaron Nace from Phlearn, and we’re looking at Saturation and Hue adjustment layers today.

Hue and saturation are potent tools in Photoshop, particularly for altering and controlling the impact of colour in your images. I remember learning all about hue adjustments when I tried to make one of my very first GIFs in Photoshop by changing the hue in an image. It’s a neat little tool to use for all sorts of amazing effects.

Aaron explained the differences between Hue and Saturation and how they can work in conjunction with each other to enhance an image or change an image. You can change the colour of anything using hue and saturation adjustment layers.

We started off with this sample image provided by Phlearn:

Hue Saturation and Color Balance
Image Provided by Phlearn

And the goal was to change the colour of the TV behind the subject, and the walls so that they match the colour of our subject’s shirt. We can do this by adding a hue adjustment layer and selecting a specific colour in the image to alter.

And the reason we do this so that we don’t change the colour in the entire image. We only want to alter the colour in specific areas and we do that by using adjustment layer masks.

Once we had selected the colours we wanted to change (by using the eye-dropper tool), we then started painting over the areas we wanted to change using the layer mask. We then made further minor adjustments with colour balance and voila! Our edited image is ready for social media!

Hue Saturation and Color Balance
Edited by Darkside Creative

Thank you for checking out my Photoshop post for today. Let me know what you’re working on in Photoshop!

Until my next post, be safe out there and keep creating!

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15 thoughts on “30 Days of Photoshop Day Seven – Hue and Saturation

      1. I did watch it. I am still processing it but I thought it was visually stunning. The Venator disappearing through the clouds was a really amazing image.

        I will admit that while I liked the final arc in TCW there are other arcs I just prefer more. Still, this was a solid story to finish the show with a lot of interesting details and deep considerations. Although, I am slightly disappointed that they overwrote some pieces of the Ahsoka novel in the process of making The Siege of Mandalore. I’m not exactly surprised but I can’t help but wonder why that was.

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      2. That scene with the Venator was amazing! I thought it looked so good. It’s no wonder TCW has won awards for the animation. I haven’t read the Ahsoka novel yet but I have been told by several friends that it’s a must-read. Have you done a review of this book on your site? I’d like to read it if you have.

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      3. It won’t be too surprising when Season 7 of TCW wins awards for animation. The visuals go far beyond the other 6 seasons.

        In regards to Ahsoka, I read it but did not review it. Admittedly, I did not think it was the strongest entry in the SW library. It has some good moments in it, some really interesting ideas and points of reflection, but it also has some really weak points, too. But that is also just my opinion.

        I will say that while I was not overly impressed by Ahsoka, I REALLY liked Queen’s Shadow which is by the same author (EK Johnston). The reference it a few times in the post I put up yesterday about Padme’s Pregnancy. If you haven’t read Queen’s Shadow, and you are a fan of Padme and her handmaidens, I would absolutely give it a read. And if you have read it, let me know what you think about it!

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      4. I actually read through your post yesterday on Padme and I haven’t read Queen’s Shadow but I saw a deal via Bookbub and it was free from Amazon so I got it in e-book format 🙂 I’ll read it and maybe I might review it on my blog 🙂

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      1. Like I said, I know nothing about Photoshop or the finer points of graphic design. My sister used Photoshop to help me design some aspects of my site and that is the extent of my relationship with it.

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      2. I’m no guru, but I enjoy scouring the web for interesting tutorials to learn more and then I review those tutorials on my site. There are some really good assets out there and some not so good so my intention is to steer interested people towards the better content available for learning 🙂

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    1. Hey there! Thank You for your kind words, I’m really just you’re average photoshop fan, nothing special 😀 I am a fan of your blog though, you also do amazing work 🙂


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