Trivia Bits – Behind the Iconic 1977 Star Wars Poster

This poster is arguably one of the most iconic pieces of Star Wars art today.

The 1977 Poster was created by artist Tom Jung, and it holds a few sneaky little “secrets” that some Star Wars fans or movie fans may not know. I was blown away when I read this on the Star Wars website:

  1. The boot that you can see Luke wearing is actually Vader’s boot
  2. The blaster that Leia is holding is Han’s!
  3. The droids were not in the original poster and were added later by a completely different artist
  4. The original version of Leia was drawn with a lot less clothing and the “powers that be” decided this wouldn’t work for the final poster
  5. Leia was drawn from art inspired by legendary fantasy artist Frank Frazetta
Star Wars 1977 Poster
Image Credit Lucasfilm

And after feeling inspired by this work of art, I expanded the original post with a little animation:

Darkside Creative's Motion Art Star Wars 1977 Poster
Animated by Darkside Creative

Stay safe and keep creating my friends, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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