The Next Star Wars Movie Delayed Until 2023

What a headline to wake up to, let me tell you… and while it’s not all that surprising given the current climate in Hollywood, it’s still a little disappointing. To be entirely selfish about it, why do we have to wait three years? Let’s remove the whole COVID situation from the equation, just for a moment. Why are so many movies being delayed?

It all comes down to not being able to get box office attendance during the pandemic, and that equates to no money for the people that make movies. Logically, that might seem like a solid business decision, but what about the fans? You know, the people who spend their money so the movie can get its “blockbuster” status.


Some movies are giving in and going VoD like the new Bill and Ted film. While this movie may not be as big at the box office as, say, Tenet, it’s still a feature film that has one of the biggest actors on the planet in it. So why do the Star Wars films have to be delayed? It’s the same reason that Mulan has been postponed indefinitely, and Tenet keeps getting pushed back further and further. It’s all about box office attendance and studios wanting to recoup their costs and make a profit.

So in the long game, fans just don’t matter when there’s money at stake. Even with millions of fans wanting some of these movies to release as early as possible, it just isn’t significant enough in the bigger picture. And while I understand and respect that, it still feels a little unfair. It’s unfair for the fans to be without the thing some of us need to help get through the tough days we’re facing.

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2 thoughts on “The Next Star Wars Movie Delayed Until 2023

  1. Money is certainly a factor but I think the safety of all of the people who work on the films, particularly on set, is probably at play. Without a vaccine the filming process will undoubtedly be difficult, not to mention even having permission to film in certain locales. Besides, while it might be disappointing to wait it is hardly problematic. As a fan I can enjoy what is already out and look forward to what will come whenever that may be.

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    1. Yeah I am pretty much the same, while I am eager to see anything from the star wars universe, there’s tons of stuff to do while the new movies get written and scripted and eventually made 🙂 I like having a breather to be honest. Even the most dedicated fan can burn out. I took time off from the franchise a while back and focused on a different franchise for a breather 🙂


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