4K Video Edits of Pretty Much Everything Star Wars

If you’re like me and you scour Reddit for any snippet of Star Wars content, you might have seen this post by master video editor NumeralJoker. And if you haven’t well, you can thank me in the comments! I think he is a video editor by trade but not entirely sure about that. It surely shows in his work because his edits are nothing short of amazing.

Here’s a link to the thread if you’re keen to check out his work. He has covered a lot of the original content and has also made 4K HDR versions of most of the Clone Wars content as well. From what I have read, he specialises in turning particular episodes of the animated series into feature-length videos up-scaled to 4K resolution. He also edits everything in chronological order meaning he chooses one particular part of the star wars time line and uses all the media available including the animated series and the films and combines them.

Here’s one of his clips so you can understand why I think this guy is a big deal. Tell me you didn’t get a little “goosebumpy” watching this! And once again, the music of John Williams never ceases to astound me – he really is incredible.

I haven’t approached the guy yet, but I will. He welcomes anyone to contact him via his YouTube channel or Reddit if you are interested in getting hold of his full length movies. It’s free but he does welcome any donations as he is now jobless thanks to COVID 😦

Support the cause! Donate to this dude and enjoy! Or not and still enjoy but do check it out if you can.

Stay safe out there friends, keep creating and I’ll catch you in the next post!

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2 thoughts on “4K Video Edits of Pretty Much Everything Star Wars

    1. You can find wonderful things on Reddit πŸ™‚ it really is a great place to find things you’re looking for – especially for Star Wars fans πŸ™‚


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