Star Wars Video Games – Star Wars: Squadrons

If you haven’t checked out this trailer yet for the upcoming EA game Star Wars: Squadrons, you really need to because it looks amazing! Now I am not really a single-player gamer, I prefer MMOs, FPS and TPS games over story-driven narrative. BUT even I am tempted to check this out after seeing the trailer:

My partner will be playing this for sure so hopefully, I can get him to review it for this blog 😄

Here’s a quick synopsis of the game from Wikipedia:


Players take control of ships from the Galactic Empire and the New Republic navy. In these ships, they can utilise the movement of power between the ship’s functions of weaponry, shields and engines to defeat their opponents in combat. Ships from the Galactic Empire do not have shields, resulting in other additions to their class in pursuit of giving players of both teams equal opportunities.[1] As players earn more experience, they can unlock new weapons, shields, upgrades and various cosmetic items for the pilot and their ship.[2]

– Wikipedia

Did you watch the clip? What do you think of the CGI? Pretty damn cool, am I right? Let me know if you’re planning to play this when it releases on the 2nd of October. I’m keen to get opinions on this for the blog!

Stay safe out there my friends, keep playing, writing, creating or doing whatever makes you happy and I’ll catch you tomorrow!

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4 thoughts on “Star Wars Video Games – Star Wars: Squadrons

      1. …it’s okay. Just okay. The story is decent and interesting, and the combay/graphics are pretty impressive, but the game really falls flat in a number of areas. I plan on reviewing it at some point in the next month or so.

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