The New Generation of Lightsabers and Avar Kriss Redesigned!

What do you think of these High Republic Lightsabers?


I find the one in the middle interesting as it looks a lot like Kylo Ren’s am I right? Well, except for the guard across the hilt that is. But still, the influence is there – although it is stated that Kylo Ren copied the design of his lightsaber from a really old design which is partially why it looks so different.

I remember how the world went mental over seeing his lightsaber for the first time. Some loved it, others hated it but I was so happy to see something unique and new, even if it was copied.

And I did see this redesign of Avar Kriss which I like a lot more than the original holding her lightsaber by artist Steven Wayne:

I am not so sure about these new lightsabers but they do look different at least. What do you think?

Let me know in the comments, keen to get your views!

Until tomorrow’s post, stay safe my friends

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