Writing Update – NOT a Star Wars Post!

Hi everyone! Well, some of you who follow my writing blog will know that I am knee deep in the NANOWRIMO writing challenge this month to write a first draft. Some writers don’t stick to the 50K word count but that is the “official” word count for the challenge. I’m almost half-way there with my draft but it’s very early stages and I’ve done zero editing because I think it’s important to write first and edit hard (fifty times lol) later.

So I decided to create some “covers” for my story which is told in two separate parts I and II. The first story I wrote several years ago and never thought another thing of it until very recently when I revisited it again and decided to publish it in parts on my writing blog. I’ve had some interest in it, with some people reading the entire thing which I think is just amazing!

It has a western setting (not Star Wars!) and the synopsis I came up with is this:

A lonely orphan meets a stranger who transforms her life by bringing her into his world where she then discovers the identity of the men who killed her parents and vows to avenge their deaths.


I don’t know if anyone here will want to read it but I did want to share the covers I made for each part of the “book” which is two separate stories; one told by “Milly” and the other a continuation of the first story told by “Ethan” who are my principle characters.

The way I write my stories is I envision someone real usually an actor or actress in the part of the character I am writing – this is how I write all my short stories. It’s just my process, not meant to be a breach of copyright or anything. And the covers are just mock covers that make the story more substantial for me.

Cover 1 Made by Julie
Cover II Made by Julie

Anyway, that’s my non-star wars related post for the year lol – if you have any questions about my stories or my writing in general, feel free to ask me in the comments!

If you want to read my stories – the first one is here and the second one is currently a work in progress but I’ve uploaded two parts right here.

Thanks for reading! Stay safe out there and I’ll catch you in tomorrow’s regular Star Wars post!

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