Chapter 13 of the Mandalorian Titled – “The Jedi!”

I was in the middle of posting my Mando spoiler recap for the last episode just aired when I came across this little tidbit of SUPER IMPORTANT AND EXCITING information about the next episode:

As you can probably tell, for me this is SO SUPER exciting and since I didn’t have a great start to my morning (I’ll post about that soon), I was really needing a bit of a jolt to feel happy happy again 🙂 It would be a little bit of an exaggeration if I said “THIS IS ALL I NEEDED” but “this is all I needed” 🤣

I just told my partner the above and his response:

“Aww god, I have to wait a week” 🤣

Sorry to anyone avoiding spoilers but I couldn’t not put the word “Jedi” into the title of my post because it is the post 😄

Anyway, I am acting super hyperactive right now so I am going to wander off and do more writing while I can.

Image Source


This IS the Way 🙂

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