Star Wars Collector’s Corner – Part II

Today didn’t start off so well as I woke up with a terrible migraine at 4am this morning and I was fighting it off all day long. However, the day did improve thanks to some retail therapy!

I made some new purchases which I’ve already added to my collection using the iCollect Everything app on the Google Play store. Yesterday I talked about using the Funko app so I now have two apps for all my Star Wars collectables; one for Funko Pop! and iCollect Everything for everything else. This app is amazing as you can literally add anything to it via bar code so it’s going to make it a lot easier to put everything into a database. I was actually dreading this because up until now I had a rudimentary inventory system where I was manually adding things! As you can imagine, that took a lot of work so I am glad to have found a much better and improved way of keeping track of what I collect.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I will be making regular posts with everything I’ve collected and showing off my collection to anyone that is interested right here.

Anyway, here are a few images of what I scored today:


The last image above is a newly released collection from Pop! Funko for their enamel pin set of collectables. So I guess I am collecting those too now 🤣

I will make other posts showing the collection in storage as I was asked by @MeiMei today to show some images of that so thank you Mei Mei – I will definitely aim to do that 🙂

Stay safe my friends and keep loving Star Wars!

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7 thoughts on “Star Wars Collector’s Corner – Part II

  1. Hi Julie, just a quick comment before the end of the year. You have an impressive collection it seems, but I have one figure you won’t have …. it’s strictly exclusive for Jedi Masters….

    Anyhoo, I hope you have enjoyed the first day of 2021 (I think you start your day before us – even if it is 8:30 PM GMT in the UK and midnight hasn’t passsed yet!)

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    1. LOL thank you so much FT you had me in giggles lol and yes, it is indeed 2021 here already (has been for 10 hours or so) and so far the year is getting off to a great start as I am going through my Black Series and other figures and adding them to my database 😀 And you’re right, I definitely do not have that one in my collection – it is specified as “For Tyeth Only” 😀 Happy New Year my friend! Here’s to you and yours having a much better and safer year ahead 🙂 MTFBWY!


      1. Nice one – I wasn’t feeling too well as my migraine came back so I actually just went to bed and didn’t ring in the new year lol but I am celebrating inside 🙂 Have a great one!

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