Star Wars Collector’s Corner

Today I decided to take the next step with my Star Wars collectables and do the proper thing by adding them to a database. I dunno how I’ve gone so long without one but I guess it’s because I didn’t really consider myself a “serious” collector. I also didn’t know that there are many useful apps out there that can help you track your collections and sell and trade as well. Not that I want to sell any of my items (not yet anyway), but it’s nice to know you can do all of that stuff in one place.

So my two biggest areas as a Star Wars collector is Funko Pop Vinyls and The Black Series figures. I have gravitated towards these two areas because I really love the funko style (some people don’t) and they seem relatively easy to get hold of even in New Zealand.

Being a kiwi has proven to be quite frustrating as a collector mostly because we are a small market and that means we don’t get a lot of access to collectables. We also don’t have comic conventions in NZ. We have one similar event held once a year, but I avoided it this year due to COVID. So not a lot of opportunities to buy exclusive items. Like anyone else living in remote places, I have to rely on eBay, Trade Me and online trading. I try not to do this because people like to inflate their prices online to make a profit. However, if there is one thing I know about selling online, there will always be someone who will pay for something no matter the price. Another reason why I avoid buying online if I can – temptation and my lack of willpower 🤣🤣

I signed up for several different databases for collectables. Thanks to my partner’s suggestion, I discovered Funko’s Google Play App, which is amazing – you can scan the item’s barcode and add it to your collection. I did come across a few that weren’t correctly added in the database, but this is a great way to keep track of the Funko’s I collect. I now have 88 items, not including double-ups (of which there are two) and quite a few of these are now vaulted (no longer available). The most valuable Funko I have is worth NZD 364.00, which was a “woah” moment. I don’t look for rarity when I buy, but I will keep that in mind going forward.

My next project is to catalogue all of The Black Series items, and any other figures or figurines I have so my collection is documented to avoid buying any double-ups.

I guess I can now consider myself a “semi-serious” collector 😁😎 I am looking for collaboration partners on future posts, particularly about Star Wars collectables and the process of collecting. If you’re interested in collaborating with me on these posts, hit me up in the comments and we can chat. 😁

Catch you there or in my next post, my friends. Stay safe and keep loving Star Wars!

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5 thoughts on “Star Wars Collector’s Corner

    1. Heya 🙂 I think it’s an okay collection but compared to some people I follow on IG it’s tiny lol – I am proud of what I’ve collected thus far! I do have a collectin of books too but they are mostly in storage now. I guess I’ll get to those eventually 😀


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