Star Wars Valentine’s Day 2021

Hey everyone! To all those celebrating Valentine’s day, I hope you all get something really lovely from your significant others. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day traditionally, but I had my eye on a Darth Vader figure and put it aside to buy at EB Games, and my partner bought it for me for Valentines Day. 😊😍🥰

So we don’t do the Valentines day thing like buying chocolates, jewellery, flowers and cards like many people do. But this year my partner decided to change things a little, and now I have my second Hyperreal Figure (I’ve already got the Luke Skywalker one), and you can check out the Luke Skywalker one right here.

I took some awful photos lol, and I posted one on my IG but here’s what the Darth Vader figure looks like:


I know many of you don’t collect figures or any Star Wars collectables. Still, I’ve slowly become more interested in collecting figures over the last year or so and I am going to document each one I get going forward for those interested. I still have to go through my Funko Pop collection too one day. 😅

Let me know how your Valentine’s day is going or whether or not you did something special and if you didn’t, let me know how you are anyway 🙂

Stay safe, my friends, and I’ll catch you in the comments or in tomorrow’s post!

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8 thoughts on “Star Wars Valentine’s Day 2021

    1. Yes but you will be with your loved ones 🙂 We are in lockdown too now – they announced yesterday that we have more community transmission and they don’t know how it got out into the community again…

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  1. Hello Julie, I am busy opening all the Valentine’s Day cards I wrote…..I mean that I received 😀 I received so many cards I may develop repetitive strain injury opening all the envelopes!

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      1. Hi there, afraid not – Mrs Tyeth is caring for her mother at the moment and with lockdowns and such it’s been impossible for her to get back home. I’m sure we will go out and celebrate as and when we can though.

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      2. Hi again, thanks but it’s a long term situation so we’ve gotten used to it – it’s just the lockdown that’s making it more difficult.
        I did have to send Mrs T a TXT message instead of a card but I did remember that it was the big day today!😊

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