Star Wars Trivia – Did You Know #8

Here’s another piece of interesting Star Wars Trivia for you all!

It’s quite amazing the things you can find out about something if you go looking – the internet is a treasure trove of information on star wars trivia.

Keep looking out for more, I’ll be posting these as regularly as I can to try and make it more of a regular thing.

If you’ve got any other trivia questions for my posts or any not-so-well-known pieces of trivia, please feel free to comment at any time!

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Trivia – Did You Know #8

  1. I just found out that John Wayne is “sort of” in Star Wars. My daughter came across this bit on the internet that John Wayne is in Star Wars, and I’m like, “What?? No he’s not, what are they talking about, I’d know, etc etc.” So we dug around and apparently the sound effects for the squealy voice of Imperial spy Garindan in ANH (the guy with the long snout following Luke and Obi-Wan to the hangar) has some John Wayne voice stuff in it. There’s a story from the sound guy about it, that he used some old John Wayne tapes he found in the studio and used it. It’s unrecognizable, of course, neither Lucas nor John Wayne intended it, but it’s a neat bit of trivia I didn’t know.

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