Luke Skywalker: The Whiniest Jedi That Needs to Be Slaughtered!

If my blog post title didn’t grab your attention, the story behind it might. So to give you all a point of reference to that title, that is what someone commented on Instagram when I posted this image of Luke Skywalker:

Via Instagram

I don’t have an issue with anyone having their own opinion. And the funny thing is the person that made that comment followed me. I guess he’s a star wars fan, but I don’t know how he can be a TRUE star wars fan and think that about Luke Skywalker. And again, everyone has a right to their own opinion, and that’s perfectly fine. But it’s LUKE SKYWALKER who just happens to be MY childhood hero, which I’ve made clear so many times on my IG account and basically, EVERYWHERE I can 😊

So the full comment was:

So when he made that comment, there was no emoji of any sort to indicate he was joking. When people do that on social media or anywhere, really, that’s an indication that they are definitely NOT joking. So I replied in good humour with “yes lol”. And left it there, not knowing that he had followed me or anything.

Then I get this message sent to my IG account saying, “no follow, the hell”… like, WTF? Why would I follow you? For starters, your account is a personal IG account with nothing star wars related on it that I could see (I didn’t look for long; I just skimmed it). Secondly, you insult the one character in my BIGGEST fandom that I adore, and I doubt very much you were joking.

I find it hilarious that some people think they can just drop mean-spirited comments like that on someone’s personal IG account, which is clearly a haven for all things Star Wars and expect that they’ll follow you or be okay with it. Like dude, WTF are you smoking?

I love social media because it can be a wonderful way to connect with people and share what you love with like-minded individuals. But every now and then, it can be, well, not so nice. And it’s NOT that big of a deal. I am only pointing it out and posting about it because I had something to say about it and didn’t want to go on his IG and retaliate like a 12-year-old might do.

So that was my lovely social media experience πŸ˜“ – have you had any online experiences like this or experiences that made your blood boil? Let me know in the comments, people!

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16 thoughts on “Luke Skywalker: The Whiniest Jedi That Needs to Be Slaughtered!

  1. Hi there, yes there are some strange folk around the Internet – and I have “met” a few myself. One decided to take an image of my face and pasted it onto a photo of “Rosie and Sophie” the kids made famous by Ellen DeGeneres so he could make a weird Meme – I asked him what the heck he was thinking and I got a non response reply (he actually posted another meme on the forum with Anakin saying “D’faq?” or some similar expletive) I reported the troll to the forum’s Administrator but they were clique-y and nothing was done. I left the forum for a few months but when I returned the troll had been promoted to a Moderator – go figure! Anyhow I just ignored the troll completely and only spoke to the Admin if I really had to. I made it clear I wasn’t on the forum for their benefit, I was there to communicate with friends (I could trust).

    Then I recently posted a video on YouTube of my new saber which showed it cycling through the built in colours and another guy commented “This is the worst video I have ever seen -nothings happening!” yet the saber was shining different colours. You just can’t account for some people I guess….the Internet….a hive of…, wait that’s Tatooine😁

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    1. SCUM AND VILLAINY lol so true… yeah I have no clue when it comes to trolls because only another troll would know what motivates them to be idiots online… I think the best approach is to not reply or reply with something that doesn’t give them the opportunity to reply with more BS. I usually use “thank you have a nice day” regardless of what they say to me lol I think that would really get up a troll’s nose, especially if you’re being overly nice

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      1. Hi again, sorry late responding – had my first COVID vaccine jab yesterday (Sunday) and I felt wiped out afterwards . I had flu like symptoms – muscle aches and a head cold feeling and I ended up sleeping for 24hrs solid which is not normal for me as I only normally sleep comfortably for 2-3 hours cos of my skin complaint.
        Regards the troll, I approached the Admin of the forum in private showing him proof and when he did nothing I announced to the forum that I was leaving for a while, probably permanently. I told my real friends how they could contact me if they wanted. But the silver lining to the story is….I used my time away from the forum to set up my blog! My blog is till running strong and that lightsaber forum? Oh the owner shut it down cos he couldn’t handle the negative criticism of him and his company and set up a Facebook group where he could ban people at a press of a key. The last big surprise….the Troll and the Administrator of the forum are now members of the group and (un-official) Moderators/Snitches that police the FB page! So trolls stick together.

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      2. Hi there, It is an inconvenience in a way but I now have a bit of protection at least. Now I am NOT a doctor but my side effects weren’t as severe as I feared (it was like a slight raise in temperature and a fuzzy head cold feeling with muscle aches) and hopefully everyone else only suffers the same.


    1. LOL see whe I look at it that way I see the funny side but I just didn’t see the funny side of that man’s post lol oh well, I am sure he would have unfollowed by now, thank goodness πŸ˜€

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    1. Hey there πŸ™‚ And yeah, I’ve been on the internet a long time and I know that trolls only have one purpose in life and that is to antagonise people where they can. If you ignore them, it usually works really well πŸ™‚ But it’s like, why do you bother saying anything at all if you’re going to be nasty… such a waste of time and effort lol

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  2. once had a troll in World of tanks telling me to go die about 30 minutes into discussing methods of ending one’s life, they got very scared and got very sorry. LOL made me laugh

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