Social Media and Blogging Update #6 – Pinterest Growth and Tips

Hello fellow bloggers and social media friends! Since February, I haven’t written a blogging post, so I figured it was about time to update everyone interested in my social media progression and tips.

Slow growth on all accounts but still gaining followers

Pinterest has been interesting in the last few months. It seems that the new changes they brought into pin statistics impacted the stats but not my growth. I am sitting on 7.2k followers now, which is officially my biggest social media account. I average between 15 – 20 new followers on that account daily.

The thing with Pinterest growth is that it’s very slow and it’s very up and down depending on the popularity of your pins and boards. My largest board is my Star Wars board, with around 2.7m views a month. This has decreased quite a bit over the last few months. I have seen growth on my blog because I link many of my pins back to my blogs. So while I have slowly lost views over the last two months, I am sitting steady at around 3 million views a month. I totally expect this to continue a slow decline, lol. I guess we’ll see if I am right in a few months. But while my views are slowly going down, I am still getting followers every day, so I am happy about that.

social GIF

Twitter is stagnant and not moving much at all. I still sit around 3.7k followers, and some leave, and then new followers come, and it’s a lot like Pinterest in that it’s up and down regularly. But I don’t actively use Twitter all that much other than retweeting the odd tweet and posting via WordPress, so I don’t expect to see a lot of growth until I become more active (which right now, I just don’t have time for).

Instagram is continuing to grow, but again it’s quite slow. I have noticed that some of the bigger Star Wars accounts have been tagging me, and this is bringing in more followers, so hopefully, my content will continue to attract some of the bigger accounts and, in turn, more followers.

So what did I do or change to improve my social media profile?

1. I set up If This Then That (IFTTT) to post whatever I post on Instagram to my Pinterest Star Wars board.

2. I set up a free Later profile to schedule posts to Instagram without worrying about getting posts ready for the day. It has proved to be a great way to post even if you can’t auto-post using a free account. The other amazing thing about Later is that it allows you to post links with your Instagram posts (which you cannot do natively on IG). This should help with growth as people click on the links, which of course, link back to your website, or blog or anywhere you choose! Did I mention this is free to do?

3. I set up a Linktree profile to further reach all of my social media accounts in one handy place with its own spiffy URL. You can also use a QR code that people can scan using their phones that links back to your social media profile – now that is pretty cool, right? You can check it out on my blog!

Do you have any tips or tricks to share?

1. I have started creating double-up pins on Pinterest for the first time because apparently, this is a great way to grow your boards, pins and profile. I am only doing it very slowly, so I don’t get hit by the spam bot πŸ€£πŸ˜…

2. Did you know you can also link back to your blogs or any other Pinterest site with your pins? This is a huge time-saver because you can use the link from any blog, and Pinterest will give you a selection of posts to choose from linking back to the original source.

3. Setup a Linktree account as soon as you can, and you’ll never have to use any other URL as everything will link to one place.

Until next time friends and bloggers!

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