Star Wars Cinematic Universe – This is Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You Read

There are dozens of sources for Star Wars movie information online that are verifiable sources. On top of those websites, you also have countless other “sources” for Star Wars media and news, which, unfortunately, include people like Mike Zeroh.

I’ve mentioned Mike Zeroh a few times on this blog because he is well-known (infamously) within the Star Wars fandom as being full of sh*t when it comes to his star wars theories. He is someone that I consider to be a master of “clickbait” headlines that rely on people’s natural curiosity to pull in readers and viewers on YouTube.

If there is one thing I would never do, it’s what Mike Zeroh does daily, and that is to make shit up just to get viewers and fans on his website and YouTube channel. Perhaps it’s my background in journalism that stops me from blogging about lies. I dunno but I think it’s wrong to purposefully mislead people into believing something that you know is completely fake.

Here’s a snippet of a post I saw on Twitter recently that made me actually laugh out loud:

I honestly don’t know how he can blog about these things without verification. He says that he has someone on the “inside” at Lucasfilm or Disney; I forget which one now. But it’s obvious to me that he’s just fabricating everything he says on YouTube so people will click and subscribe. Either that OR the source he is getting this information from is trolling him BIG time and making him look like a person that cannot ever be trusted.

His biggest competition is a dude named Star Wars Theory, who I also don’t have all that much respect for (mostly because I think he is trying to make as much money from Star Wars fans as he can while claiming he is all about “the fandom and Star Wars). I don’t have an issue with someone trying to make a living from something they love; hell, isn’t that the dream job? But something he did when he made a Darth Vader video a while back just put me off him for life. But I will say this about Star Wars Theory, and that is at least what he talks about is usually verifiable to some degree. I don’t listen to his YouTube channel, so I can’t tell you whether or not he’s lied about content on his blog. But he seems slightly more legit than Mike Zeroh.

Anyway, let me know what you think of this latest “theory” about Rey having a “force child” like Anakin, LOL. Even typing it out sounds ridiculous to me…😂🤣

Stay safe, keep creating, and I’ll catch you all in the comments or in tomorrow’s post!

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3 thoughts on “Star Wars Cinematic Universe – This is Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You Read

  1. When I first started blogging about Star Wars a year ago, I did a lot of You tube watching to kind of catch up on what’s been going on in the fandom and get up to speed, and I came across both these guys. I had no idea who they were, but I quickly decided they weren’t worth my time, lol. It’s so obvious what they’re doing, I can’t believe they get thousands of views. Are people really that dumb? Lol. This latest from Zeroh is a doozy, though, lol. I’ve seen one (I don’t think it was Zeroh, though) that Rey will have a “Force child” from Ben, that she got pregnant through their Force connection or something ridiculous like that. Where do these people come from? Lol.

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    1. Yeah I think I remember you saying before that you came across Mike Zeroh lol I just need to feel like I am doing my bit by telling everyone that will read it not to believe a single thing this guy says. I mean there’s an entire reddit thread dedicated to him where star wars fans are talking about how unreliable and untrustworthy he is. Pretty sure I saw several Twitter threads saying the same thing lol

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  2. Hi Julie, I mentioned in a comment I posted that “I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben and Rey somehow have a child in Rise of Skywalker – achieved through the Force when they “touched” through the Force connection whilst Rey was on Ach-too….then Luke burst into the hut during the act”. However I didn’t post my comment on a mass media platform like YT or Twitter.
    I have come across both Mike Zeroh and SWT along with a few other people that are either ill-informed or outspoken and they all seem to have connections with each other, There was a couple of “incidents” where some event happened and these individuals would get together and have a group livestream or such to support each other against the Trolls, Social Justice Warriors, the Big Mouse themselves or whatever the problem was.
    But I learned pretty quick not to click on their vids regularly….unless one catches my attention just for my own total amusement!

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