Star Wars Cinematic Universe – Did Rosario Dawson Just Drop a Huge Spoiler?

Apparently, Rosario Dawson posted this on her Instagram, confirming the roles of Ezra Bridger and Thrawn for the Ahsoka TV show!

I tried to find the original post for proof on IG: but I couldn’t find the post. So now I am wondering if it’s even legit. It was posted by a really legit Star Wars website, though, so I’m confused.

After further investigation, it turns out Rosario posted this in an IG story and then took it down. I am not sure if that means she wasn’t supposed to post it or if it was a rumour and proved to be incorrect:

Rosario Dawson seemingly confirms the casting of Mena Massoud as Ezra and Lars Mikkelsen as Thrawn in the Ahsoka series.

(Source: Rosario Dawson on Instagram)

So if it’s true, what do you think? Do you think these choices are good? Why or why not? I’ve posted about this theory before, and we took guesses at who could play Thrawn. One of those choices is on this list, so I am pretty happy about that even if it isn’t true lol. 😂😅

Sound off in the comments, dear readers and let me know what you think of this huge rumour or possible spoiler or EVEN fake news!

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4 thoughts on “Star Wars Cinematic Universe – Did Rosario Dawson Just Drop a Huge Spoiler?

  1. Pretty exciting, if it’s true. I’m not familiar with Massoud, but he looks the part. I think Lars Mikkelsen voices Thrawn in Rebels, right? So that would be a good choice, too. No matter who plays who, though, I can’t wait for the Ahsoka series to come!

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