Star Wars Trivia – Did You Know #11

It’s Star Wars Trivia time again! I hear you all clapping and cheering out there lol – who doesn’t want to know more about a galaxy far, far away? 😁😅

Made by Darkside Creative

So apparently the word “Wookiee” was originally spelt with only one ‘e’ during the 1976 novelisation of A New Hope! Pretty cool huh? To be honest, I never noticed it myself😅 and not sure why it was changed either but that’s a fact according to Jennifer Landa.

I hope you are all having a good start t your weekend! Let me know what you’re getting up to in the comics, friends!

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6 replies on “Star Wars Trivia – Did You Know #11”

Hi Julie, I did read somewhere that Wookie(e)s supposedly had retractable claws like a cat to enable them to climb trees and for use in ceremonial rituals and mating combat (similar to Rutting in Deers etc). However it was a dishonour for the Wookie to be seen by humans (or other species) with these claws out. I’m not sure about this though as I always thought Wookies were more like canines than they were feline looking (and Lucas did base Chewie on his real life Malamute dog)

Hi Julie, despite some “experts” on YouTube asking whether the SW Universe is too small it’s still a big galaxy out there. But again I’m still not 100% sold on this fact about retracting claws as you can see Chewie’s hands quite clearly when on Starkiller Base when he sets the explosives and I couldn’t see any evidence.