For Tyeth’s Darksider Lightsaber!

So my good friend FT did something really nice for me and built a lightsaber with a fantastic SPECIAL design in Blender. If you haven’t seen For Tyeth’s website where he creates some amazing lightsaber builds, you really should check it out. His website can be found here (why not give him a follow while you’re there!)

Here are a few images of the lightsaber that he made (all links go to For Tyeth’s website):


I am over-the-moon with the beautiful design and it certainly did lift my spirits! A HUGE THANK YOU to For Tyeth for this wonderful gift 😁😄😊

Let me know what you’re up to dear readers and what you think of this awesome lightsaber design! Catch you in the comments or the next post. Stay safe out there everyone 🙂

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6 thoughts on “For Tyeth’s Darksider Lightsaber!

  1. Hello Julie, I am so happy you liked this small token. I wish I was able to realise these designs I create and be able to send you a real metal version but that is beyond my means (it costs a lot of credits to get a prop or replica custom prototyped). But I do my best with what I can do.
    May I ask have you linked to this saber on my site, as a website I think may be yours has but it isn’t a platform I am familiar with. It has the words “Imobilaire 24” in the link. I just wanted to confirm before I approved the connection. Thanks once again.

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    1. Yup I did I put your website URL all throughout my post lol so if you’re seeing traffic it’ll be legit 😀 I also posted it on Pinterest so if you see any referrers from there that’ll be why. I have yet to post it on IG but that’s coming 🙂 You deserve all the things FT 😀 Thanks again 🙂

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      1. Hi again, and thank you…for both the kind words and the nice shout out. I thought it was your website but I’ll be honest it looked and felt different from your WP offerings (I was worried a bot might have generated the site/links so just wanted to be certain!) I am so pleased the hilt means so much and raised your spirits somewhat.
        I’ll now see to approving those links and keep up your great work.

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