Star Wars Cinematic Universe – Who Is the Most Tragic?

I asked this same question on Instagram to varying responses (as expected) but a few surprising ones also. Now I am in no way saying that these characters have THE most tragic stories in Star Wars. This is simply a selection of characters I’ve chosen for this particular quiz.

I wanted to include as many characters from all three parts of the Skywalker saga because that’s only fair. R2-D2 is the only character to live through the OT, prequels and sequels. So if you think time is a good indicator of how tragic a lifetime can be, he’s probably right up there.

Let me know who you choose and why – the why is very important here. Also, people hardly ever mention the droids or Boba Fett but if you recall, Boba’s life was pretty tragic from day one I mean imagine finding out that you’re a clone of your father and your DNA was used to create a clone army that eventually killed almost every living Jedi. There are some pretty tragic stories here.

My choice (and it was a hard one) is Anakin for reasons I am happy to reveal (but most people already know) in the comments 😅

Talk to you soon in the comments OR in my next post!

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5 thoughts on “Star Wars Cinematic Universe – Who Is the Most Tragic?

  1. Anakin, hands down. All of these characters suffer loss, but Anakin lost everything he held dear when he fell to the dark side. He lost not only the people he loved, but his own soul. Obi-Wan suffered terrible loss, but held on to his faith. Maul was pretty much reared in the dark side, which is tragic in itself, but I think it’s much worse when a good person like Anakin allows the dark to take over. The fall is more tremendous and painful.


    1. Yeah I agree entirely but some people were saying that Anakin isn’t the most tragic because he had the choice to go to the darkside when other people in the list didn’t. I suppose that’s a valid argument to a point but then again you could also argue that Anakin (like Ben Solo) was being manipulated even as a child by Darth Sidious. I am not entirely sure of that theory but that’s another aspect to consider I guess. There is never a straightforward answer lol which I like because you can chat about all the different points of view 😄 In other news, have you started setting up things for Christmas yet? Do you get any time off this holiday season?


      1. Yes, we’ve got our little Christmas tree up and I’ve got some shopping done. Still a little more to go, lol. I just have Christmas day off, but I only work three days out of the week anyway. So I’ll have the 24th through the 27th off.


      2. Niceee! My partner and I only really celebrate Christmas with my Mum because my brother lives in Aus so we have a very small celebration with a special dinner on Xmas day. We don’t do the tree any more but then again, we don’t have kids so it’s kind of a “what would you like for Xmas honey?” and then we buy and exchange gifts lol. Not very “Xmassy” but we celebrate every year by taking time off and relaxing. Not having to work for an extended period of time is always good in my book lol


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