When Star Wars and Plotagraphs collide!


 If you’re reading the title of my post and scratching your head a little, don’t worry, you are not alone. Continuing on from my previous post about creativity and getting back in touch with my “artistic” side, I’ve recently (well, yesterday to be precise) discovered the art form of Plotagraphs. So a plotagraph is where you take a still image and basically animate it. It is not the same as a gif file because a gif file is comprised of several frames to make the gif whereas plotagraphs are created solely by using software to create the animation effect on a single still image.

Take my first example above – that is the very first plotagraph I created using a screenshot I had taken when on Hoth playing SWTOR. It’s taken me a few goes to get it looking like an actual plotagraph but I was pretty happy with the end result.

Wanna know how it’s done? Well, there are several methods you can use to create plotagraphs and so far, I’ve tried a couple and I’ve since discovered that using Plotaverse is a much better (quicker and easier) way to create them than using Photoshop. Don’t get me wrong, you can do so many different things in Photoshop so if you’re already familiar with how to create and animate still images in Photoshop, you won’t need to know how to use Plotaverse. But if you’re like me and curiosity always seems to get the better of you, then you’ll more than likely find yourself over at Plotaverse.

My mission is to create as many cool looking plotagraphs as I can for the Star Wars universe! I might try my hand at using other images but for now, it’s all about Star Wars.


Here’s one I just finished of the Millennium Falcon (in celebration of the upcoming Solo, A Star Wars Story). Feel free to share it around of course because sharing is caring 😀 I first took the image from a Topps Card, put it into Photoshop, edited it out to look like an image I could use, enhanced it and made it look prettier and then I configured it in Plotaverse to create the above image.

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