When the Creative Bug Gets Hold – More Star Wars Creations

Kylo Ren 01 blending a still image with a gif in Photoshop – *all images used are not my own unless otherwise specified
I think I’m going through a very creative phase right now. I mean, I’ve always had the creative bug in some form or another. Being a writer, I guess for me anyway, there has always been a connection to art and the appreciation of art. Unfortunately for me, the straight up truth is I sucked quite badly at anything artistic at school and I’ve never had a single art lesson other than learning how to paint by numbers when I was about 4 and learning how to draw stick figures when I was about 14. So everything I do or create comes purely from a love of creating things and not from any true talent – not in the sense that I’d think of myself as an artist because I definitely don’t.

The above gif I made in Photoshop recently is an example of how much talent I don’t have (smirk). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not purposefully putting myself down, I think I can do *some* things OK but only because I’m good at watching others do something and then emulating them. I think I’m probably more of a kinetic learner than someone who can sit in class and take notes and read a lot of theory (although I don’t exactly dislike learning in a classroom environment).

So the point of today’s post is for me to document my ongoing journey into the visual realm of creativity and to also provide myself with something funny to look back on when I get further down the path (and hopefully, improve). The image above is a combination of a still image with a gif inserted into the still image. Once you know how to do this, it’s actually pretty easy (it took me about a half an hour to learn the technique from Youtube and then apply it to the image above). I have used Photoshop for all my editing up until just recently, upgrading to Photoshop CC 2018 and now, I am beginning to look at other tools too such as Microsoft’s Photos. Here’s another image I played around with using Microsoft Photos – I call it “Balance”

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