Facial makeup used on Adam Driver for Episode IX a spoiler of what’s to come?

Just saw this on Tumblr – the image has now been removed from Instagram, but of course, where there’s a will, there’s a way 🤣 Some of the fans on Tumblr are going into panic mode because of all the red makeup being used on Adam Driver. The pic was posted on the makeup artist’s Instagram account – Amy Byrne who confirmed she was working on Adam Driver’s makeup for Episode IX.


What could it mean? What do you think could be happening to poor Kylo Ren? It was confirmed on Tumblr that the makeup used on Adam Driver is for the face.

COULD IT BE THAT MY DREAM OF BOTH KYLO AND REY DYING IN THEIR FINAL CONFRONTATION WILL COME TRUE? Or at least, Kylo gets injured a whole lot… either way, this is tasty spoiler news and I love it!