Star Wars Art: Kylo Ren Art by Sean Miller

So you’re probably going to see a lot more art on my blog than usual. I know that WordPress is not really a place where traditional art thrives like it does on Instagram or Tumblr, but I want to post more art by my favourite artists, maybe even some of my own as I go (that’s a big if lol)😂

I saw this by another one of my favourite artists Sean Miller on Instagram, and it just spoke to me, I had to animate it, it’s just so beautiful:

Original art by Sean Miller


And my animation of this piece. I changed the eye colour a little because I wanted to see what Kylo Ren would look like turning to the dark side and I think it looks incredible!

54511853_397729917676654_3779799618569409849_n (899px, 15fps)


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