The Game of Thrones will be played

Like everyone else on the planet, I rushed home from work to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. I knew it would be epic because the battle of all battles was about to begin. Who would die? Who would live? Could the Night King really beat Dany and Jon?

I won’t answer those questions, you’ll just have to watch it for yourself! But what I will say is that I hope they’re saving the real fight for the end because it all seemed a little too “easy”. I was expecting more bloodshed, I will not lie. This is Game of Thrones, right? Expectations will always be high and the writers just need to deliver. I won’t say episode 3 was bad because it wasn’t. But we now use GoT as a way of measuring everything else because it’s that good. Did you think last night’s episode delivered?

Bring on Cersei I say!

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