Design Tuts Plus Tutorial – Fantasy Sci Fi Photo Manip Tutorial Review

So as mentioned in an earlier post, I wanted to show you how far I had come on my first Photo Manipulation image. I have not used half the tools I had to use in Photoshop to create the picture, which is why it took me a lot longer than it would someone who already had prior knowledge of these tools. You could say this was a good learning curve for me, and it was steep, but I think I got over it, OK.

The artist who created this image is a digital artist who writes tutorials for a lot of the more prominent Photoshop tutorial websites. Here is her DeviantArt webpage if you’re interested. Her work is just sublime as you can see here:


I decided to take on this project, not knowing just how involved it can be to create a photo manipulation of this type. There are a lot, and I do mean a LOT of steps to get to the end of it, but it’s so worth it if you’re learning as you go, which I definitely am.

So for anyone that hasn’t seen it, here is my photomanip:


And here is my write-up about the tutorial:

How to Create a Fantasy Sci-Fi Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop


Time: Two hours

Level: Intermediate

Comment: I have to say that going in completely blind to this tutorial may not have been the best step, but I did it anyway so I am judging my experience based on the tutorial notes and images that were given.

The first thing to note is that not all of the assets used in the image creation were available, and I had to improvise a bit. I used a different base background image to the original edit, and I had to use a previous screenshot of the model which I then edited and cut out of the background image, but I think it worked out alright.

Some of the tools used to create the edit were tools I had never used before. I had to spend a bit of time researching on how to use them before I completed my edit, but this is definitely not the fault of the instructor at all.

To summarise, I felt the step-by-step tutorial was definitely in-depth enough for someone already familiar with most photo manipulation techniques, but for a novice, I wouldn’t recommend starting with this project.

That said, I am thrilled with what I created, and I can’t wait to start the next tutorial! As long as I keep creating, I’ll always feel like I’m learning and moving ahead, even if it’s baby steps, the key is to keep creating.

Onto the next tutorial I go!

Rating: 7/10



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