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Hope Dies – Star Wars Comic Cover Edit

Several Photoshop edits I did of the Hope Dies comic cover #1 with Princess Leia

I really like this comic cover. I love how the artist captured Princess Leia with the blueprints showing in her cape of a Star Destroyer, an X-Wing and a TIE Fighter that makes it really stand out for me. It’s unusual and works so well for this comic.

So I decided to edit out all the text to see what it would look like without it. I also did some extra things in Photoshop, just experimenting really and part of being creative is trying new things, right? I do this a lot in my spare time. I learn something, and then I try it out on different things. For this image, I used textures and actions in Photoshop to get the effect I wanted.

Original Cover Art by Travis Charest who works for Dark Horse comics

Edit one:

Edit Two – mixed media effect

Edit three – textures, backgrounds and a lot of editing


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