Yoda and Anakin discuss the future and a post for Padme – Star Wars is Poetry

Star Wars is Poetry is now in full swing with an amazing 17 followers! I am actually quite serious when I say it’s amazing. I’ve only had this account for a few days, and people have already followed it which I honestly thought would take a lot longer. I am not really advertising it anywhere other than Pinterest and here so I’m really happy with this progress.

I have made two posts in the last couple of days, both from the prequel trilogy films. I am actually really enjoying creating these posts, even more than I thought I would. I like being able to blend imagery with words where the words are the main focus rather than the art or image. I also like adding my own point of view on the topic of the post which I don’t do on my Star Wars art account. This way I get to flesh out the concepts or theory behind the post or the scene or the plot or characters.

Yoda’s discussion with Anakin about attachment and letting go:


And Padme Amidala finally admitting her love for Anakin (as doomed as it was) sniff ☹️



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