Welcome Back Star Wars The Old Republic!

You can probably tell by the title of my post that I’ve started playing Star Wars The Old Republic once more. To be honest, I never really left. I took a little break and then resubscribed again, and I’ve been playing off and on since then. But I’ve started to really get back into the trading side of the game once more, and I would like to start up the Armour posts I used to do way back when I was mildly obsessed with collecting armour sets (which apparently is still very much a thing).

To celebrate my return to the game, I managed to get hold of this beautiful armour set which is one of the nicest ones I’ve seen in a long time – The Darth Malgus Reborn set. It also looks just as good on the female character models as the male which is a huge bonus:


I also have the original set, but this one comes with a full faceplate and the rebreather which I am wearing in this image.

One thing I did notice that kind of saddened me a little is that quite a few of the sites I used to frequent for armour-related updates and Cartel Market item information have basically ceased to exist. I used to frequent Dulfy dot net because she was one of the only people that played SWTOR that was 100 per cent up to date with all the Cartel Market items. Nobody knows where she went, she just stopped posting updates some time ago. And the other site I used to frequent which was TOR fashion is also pretty much non-existent. I guess the owners had more important things to do in life (quite understandable) and/or just lost interest (again very reasonable).

I don’t really know the state of the game at all and I haven’t done any research into it either. All I know is that quite a few of the mainstays of the community have stopped participating. Perhaps a sign of the times? I don’t know, but I’m going to keep chugging along and updating when time allows. I don’t want to adhere to a schedule because I don’t know how much time I can commit to playing. But I’m happy for now.

8 thoughts on “Welcome Back Star Wars The Old Republic!

  1. Hi Darkside, if you haven’t already you might want to check out Twitch.TV as there are a few great SWTOR themed channels on there run by some nice folks I know. They livestream SWTOR fairly regularly and at this moment are discussing the fact the new expansion pack is a little glitchy, so I think they are pretty much up-to-date with the game. If you search for users “Nothin’ Nerdy” “Itachi1988” and “Elscer” you should find some great people and info.

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      1. Hi there, you’re welcome. I only recently discovered Twitch. I saw a lightsaber unboxing video by Nothin’ Nerdy on YouTube and I left a comment then got to chat with her and she told me about Twitch. It’s really interactive and you can get answers to questions real quick. (Just don’t ask me as I’m afraid I don’t have SWOTOR, my laptop isn’t powerful enough to run it! I just watch others play the game and answer their saber and Star Wars questions 😀 )

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      2. I’ve thought about doing some video clips of SWTOR stuff myself but I’m afraid I’d be terribly boring lol. When I’m not trading, I slowly work on finishing my Legendary status achievement and I’m super slow which I doubt would keep people interested. Then again, I remember watching this elderly lady who plays Skyrim and she started just running around in the game doing everything really slowly and she now has more than 300k followers. You just never know what will and won’t work. I guess if you’re playing for your own enjoyment as she does, whether you have followers or not makes no difference. But I think if you’re going in YouTube or Twitch to share your gaming with the world, there has to be a reason 😊 I’ll definitely check them out this weekend. Thanks again 😁

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      3. Most of the people I mentioned play for fun and they have a good laugh at the same time…but you do pick up tips My friend Nerdy was dressed as Padme in her last stream just to give you an idea of the atmosphere on her channel. And you never know you might bump into me commenting on streams here and there!

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