Ben Solo The Rise of Skywalker Animation

So it’s officially 2020 now and I wanted to kickstart the year with a beautiful animation with art by It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of Ben Solo that I’ve seen and I just had to animate it! I added the blue lighting to signify Ben’s turn to the light in the final act.

Animated by Darkside Creative Star Wars Creative

And I mucked around with this edit I did some time ago and changed the lightsabers both to blue signifying Ben and Rey’s Dyad in the Force. I also changed Ben’s lightsaber as well (otherwise it would have looked weird with a blue crossguard lightsaber).

Ben and Rey Animation by Star Wars Creative Darkside Creative


4 thoughts on “Ben Solo The Rise of Skywalker Animation

    1. Well, I usually edit in Photoshop first before I animate it, then I use the tools to create the motion in the hair and in other things like the background, clothing, sometimes even the lips or eyes (it all depends on what I think will look good as not everything looks good animated). I have a folder full of images I have yet to animate lol – the only reason why I am doing so many edits is that I am still on holiday from work 🙂 I am glad you like them, thank you 🙂