Show Or Tell – Show Off Your Desktop Background!

I was looking at my desktop background and thinking “I wonder what other Star Wars fans have as their desktop backgrounds” and this post was born!

The title of the post is “show or tell” so if you’re not comfortable posting your background online, you can write about what it is and why you chose that particular image as your background if you like.

So since I started the ball rolling I should probably post first so here’s my background:

Adam Driver on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine 2020
Edited by Darkside Creative

The “why” behind this image is a little obvious, but for the sake of the post, I’ll divulge. The image is one of actor Adam Driver who every Star Wars fan should know by now! It was taken from a photoshoot Adam did for Rolling Stone magazine earlier this year. It’s slightly edited because I wanted to add more of a “reddish” tint to the image and I think it came out okay. I’ve had this as my desktop since the picture released. Before that, I had an image of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Episode IV A New Hope.

I am keen to see what everyone else has on their desktops! And feel free to comment away.

Stay safe and stay creative and I’ll catch you on the next post!

7 thoughts on “Show Or Tell – Show Off Your Desktop Background!

  1. Hi Julie, as you may know I’ve had computer issues for the last 2-3 months so I haven’t had a desktop image set up – however now I think I may have sorted the technical gremlins I will probably knock something Star Warsy in Blender to use.

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      1. Hi there, I had a bit of a think and realised my laptop is my workshop but I didn’t have a secure doorway to it….so I built a vault door and am using it as my desktop! It looks a bit like this…

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      2. Hi Julie, thanks very much…it has sorta become my trademark colour 😎 This model is actually one of my “lost” files that I recently re-discovered. I just have to remember my password to get through the doors now!

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