The Star Wars Cinematic Universe – Behind the Scenes

I am a massive fan of behind-the-scenes images. I think you can get so much more from BTS images than you can from just the movie itself. There’s also the really cool shots that you never get to see close-up in the film like these images of Hayden Christensen in full-body makeup for his scene in Mustafar for Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith:



The amount of detail that went into making Anakin look burned and singed is impressive, right? The special effects look very realistic.

Images via Twitter.

10 thoughts on “The Star Wars Cinematic Universe – Behind the Scenes

  1. Hi Julie, prosthetic make up has come a long way since the days of rubber “monster masks” but am I the only one here that thinks it ironic that you post an image of a “fiery Grim Reaper” then show images of Anakin charred? Just kidding of course, these BTS pictures are a great find. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I have always been disturbed by the Immolation scene. In fact, my new post (which I just put up) begins with a little reflection on how awful it was to watch Vader burn the first time I saw Revenge of the Sith. It is a testament to the way the scene is shot, and the way Hayden was made to look horrifically burnt, that really amplified my unease.

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    1. I am pretty sure the first time I saw that scene, I cried lol. It’s hard to remember exactly but I do remember feeling so much loss and sadness in that scene. And you’re right, it is disturbing. It’s not a scene I could watch again and again, that’s for sure.

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      1. I didn’t cry but I definitely had an internal panic attack (as I allude to in my piece). I was really really reaaaaaaally uncomfortable. And this reaction had nothing to do with the loss and sadness in the scene. Those things are absolutely present, but my brain just couldn’t handle it. I was literally on the edge of my seat ready to run out of the theater courtesy of my anxiety.

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      2. Oh dear. That doesn’t sound good at all. Sorry about that, I didn’t know you suffered from anxiety. Do you try to avoid those things in case you get triggered again?

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      3. Oh yes! I avoid it as much as possible. I tend to steer clear of horror movies, and gore, and anything that might really mess with my anxiety/panic. But I do make exceptions when I am genuinely intrigued.

        That said, I obviously knew going into ROTS that Anakin would become Vader, and would be horribly injured in the process. And I recall sitting in the theater and when he travels to Mustafar, and we see that it is a lava-flowing hellscape, beginning to feel the creep of dread within me. I think everyone knew that the lava would end up being the tool for his bodily destruction, and through the entire fight with Obi-Wan I was waiting, just waiting, for him to fall into the molten rock. When he didn’t, and he was standing there below Obi-Wan talking about “underestimating my power” I figured we had reached that point. But then – and I have to say, Lucas was quite clever here – he has his limbs cut off and he rolls down the hillside stopping short of the lava flow! That was intense because I honestly thought we would see him roll into the lava at that point. That he doesn’t almost made it worse because then, intuitively, I knew he would catch on fire. And, as someone with intense anxiety, the anticipation made me really unnerved. Then, when it happened, I was (like I point out in my post) ready to run out of the theater.

        Anywho, the moral of the story is that 1) I have anxiety and 2) I prefer not seeing people burned alive.


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