And I Thought My Star Wars Collection Was Great…

I’ve wanted to focus a lot more on the Star Wars community at large more than I have in the past. Well, I haven’t really done a good job of this, but I aim to rectify that starting with this post.

While I consider my personal Star Wars collection of Pop Vinyls and other merchandise decent, I was stunned to find this person’s collection on Reddit. It IS just astounding!

Check it out:

Image Credit

This was posted by Redditor u/crushyajr to the Star Wars Fan Creations. I don’t own any of those life-sized replicas, but man, they’re just so awesome, am I right?

I know there is a person that has one of the most prestigious Star Wars collections on the planet, but I don’t know his name (yet). I am hoping to look into this more as my research on Star Wars collectors continues. I am hoping to do a whole series of posts dedicated to star wars collections big or small, so I hope some of my readers will partake in this. little project!

Till next post, stay safe, keep creating, and I’ll catch ya in the next one.

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