30 Days of Photoshop Day Nine – How to Use the Brush Tool in Photoshop

Hello, fellow Photoshoppers! We’re finally back to our normal schedule and continuing on from where we left off with this amazing Photoshop tutorial series hosted by Aaron Nace from Phlearn.

In our last tutorial post, we were learning about scale, rotation and alignment and the all-important transform tool. Today we are going to be learning about what I think is the most important tool in Photoshop, the Brush Tool.

It might sound funny to be talking about a brush tool as “important” but it really is once you get to learn all of the different things you can do with this tool.

I’ve just now finished the tutorial and it was so much fun! So if you want to get stuck into this fantastic tutorial series, you can do so by joining the Phlearn website right here for the 30 Days of Photoshop series.

Let’s take a look at the before and after images that you’ll be using in this tutorial (all assets used in the tutorial are provided by Phlearn!)

So we started off with two images, one image for the scene and one for the brush tool preset we created. The first thing we learned was how to use an inverted mask and the brush tool to give our image some depth with shadows and highlights. While you can adjust these things in an image using adjustment layers, this method is actually a lot more natural-looking.

Before and after images – can you see which one is the before image? If you look at the lighter parts of the image, you can see the impact the brush tool has had on highlighting the light and darkening the shadows.

And once we had completed that part of the tutorial, we created our very own “cloud” brush using an image of a cloud and creating a brush preset to use on the image above to create a “mysterious” and atmospheric fog over the mountains:

Created by Darkside Creative

How does the final image look? Much better than the original I hope!

Thanks for reading, stay safe, keep creating and I’ll catch you in the next post.

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