Star Wars is Poetry – The Rise of Skywalker Novelisation Part 1 by Rae Carson
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As you read these words, imagine them in your head… it’s so much better that way!

You can find this book here on Amazon.

“Ben’s fall had been caught on a jagged outcropping. His ankle was twisted, and he was pretty sure he’d broken at least two ribs. But he had to get back to the throne room.

Because he couldn’t sense Rey at all.

The climb was agonizing. Each time he reached for a handhold, a hot knife of pain stabbed his left side. Dizziness threatened to send him tumbling back into the abyss, but he kept on, one hand over the other until his fingers grasped the top.

He hauled himself over the side. Paused a moment to catch his breath. Dragged himself to his feet.

Ben made it only a few steps before he crumpled, forced himself to his feet again, limped forward.

He could see her now, collapsed on the floor, and the pain in his chest was suddenly so much worse than that of a couple of broken ribs.

She seemed at ease, almost as though she were sleeping, except her eyes were wide and staring, lifeless and dull.

He hardly knew what he was doing as he crouched beside her, wrapped his arms around her limp form, yanked her onto his lap. Rey’s skin was growing cold. Her barren eyes stared up at him, and he imagined them accusing him. You did this. This is your fault.

No, Rey would never be that way. Those thoughts were the vestiges of Snoke’s conditioning. Rey was good. Kind. No matter what had happened between them, what he’d done, she’d always showed him compassion.

Did you read the novelisation or were you just satisfied with what the movie delivered? I’m not really sure about that myself, I’ll need to think about that some more. But I do like the way the novel “felt” to me. Rae Carson has her finger on the pulse in this novel, she is very in touch with the material, that much I can say.

Stay safe my friends, keep creating and reading and I’ll catch you in the next post!

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