Adobe Learning – The Next Chapter for 2021

Hey everyone! I hope you have had a great holiday so far and that you’ve had plenty of nice food and drink and you’re relaxing and recharging for the new year ahead.

I just wanted to update where things will be going in terms of Adobe content on this blog. I just realised that the final lesson in the Adobe Beginners Course that I’ve been reviewing this year has now finished and we went through the final lesson here.

So that means I am now going to be looking for new creative projects to undertake which will mean more tutorials and reviews of those tutorials. I’d like to learn a little about Adobe InDesign so I am considering taking Daniel’s beginner course on that. As some of you will know, I did intend on learning graphic design some time ago and I’ve been slowly building on my skill set with that in mind. I think I’ve decided where I’d like to concentrate my time and that is on both poster design and book cover design specifically. The reason I have chosen these two areas to concentrate on is because I have absolutely fallen in love with these two areas of design.

I’ve dabbled in Adobe After Effects with mixed results but I was happy to learn what I did and was able to make a few nice edits along the way with what I learned. But I haven’t really delved very deeply into InDesign and for making posters, flyers and book covers, InDesign is a really good place to start. I might throw in some After Effects learning as well just because I love editing video and making GIFs and animation is kinda my thing 🙂

So, to anyone that is currently following me for the Adobe content, InDesign is where I am headed next. That doesn’t mean I won’t be using Photoshop because I absolutely will and I’ll be continuing on with the 30 Days of Photoshop tutorial reviews as well! If you haven’t been following those tutorials, you can check out what we’ve covered already right here.

There is a huge learning curve ahead for me and I am ready to head on into it as soon as I can! I’d like to thank everyone that has been following my Adobe journey. Get ready for the next phase because it’ll be happening right here on Darkside Creative!

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Thanks for your support!

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