Star Wars the Mandalorian Tie-in Books Cancelled?

I got this little tidbit of information from another Star Wars blog I have just started following, which you can check out right here. So I did a little researching online to confirm these findings just because that’s what any half-decent blogger and writer would do.

And it looks like many other reputable media outlets are also confirming the cancellation of books tied into The Mandalorian. io9 had this to say about the cancellation:

The question, of course, is why? These books were obviously something that had been in the works for a while, so an immediate thought could be that Lucasfilm’s recent disassociation with Gina Carano was the reason. Carano’s character, Cara Dune, has been a big part of The Mandalorian’s story up to now and it seems likely she would have been a big part of these two books. That speculation is backed up by the fact Dune has begun to be phased out in other aspects of Star Wars, including toys and even the Topps digital trading card app, where her photo was swapped out for that of Fennic Stand.

It seems, though, that’s not the case. A source close to Disney Publishing told us the reason for the cancellation was due to scheduling and unrelated to anything regarding Cara Dune.

So it doesn’t look like the whole debacle over Gina Carano getting cancelled has anything to do with this move from Disney. We think that’s a good thing even though, as I type this, the cancellation of just about everything connecting Gina Carano to the franchise is being phased out. So it’s understandable fans would think that.

Any-who, I’m just glad I wasn’t hanging out for any of those books to release because that would be an absolute bummer 😦 Have you ordered any of The Mandalorian tie-in books?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments as always, dear readers!

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8 thoughts on “Star Wars the Mandalorian Tie-in Books Cancelled?

  1. Hi Julie, I haven’t ordered any of these books but I do know there has been “issues” with these Visual Guide books before in the past. If you check out EckhartsLadder’s YouTube channel he has numerous videos about how Marvel/Disney/Lucasfilm and the book publishers/producers have potentially “stolen” fan artworks of ships and vehicles and passed them off as their own designs in such visual guides. That possibility and the Gina Carrano situation could well be the reason for the cancellation, though I am guessing it’s more likely the latter reason and Disney “tidying up” the appearance of the whole situation (Disney having to retcon the series and material to fit the real world).

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    1. Okay I never knew anything about that and if that’s true that is just disgusting! I have heard other similar stories though but regarding fan fiction where Disney/Lucasfilm took ideas from star wars fanfics and used them to create their films. I know of one woman who wrote a star wars fanfic and it was bought legally by Disney. She had to remove every trace of it online and sold it to them. So I’m not entirely sure of facts for these events but it sounds almost like something a big business like Disney might do. I dunno about the Gina Carano thing though but again, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was partially the reason.

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      1. Hi again, I do have to say that Disney isn’t 100% at fault for the “borrowed” images used in books and guides as a lot of the time publishers are hired in to do the books – then that publishing company hires artists that may take short cuts rather than doing research and create their own images/designs. The “borrowing” practice has even spread allegedly to lightsabers and the products made by a custom lightsaber replica manufacturer! (<There is a funny story about this but I don't think I can post it publicly 🤣 )
        So that's part of why I add my watermarks – I make it as difficult as possible to "borrow" my pictures!
        In the end Disney will either release the books later and we can see what they may have changed or Disney will announce the reason for the halt, who knows!

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  2. I’ve seen these books being advertised (without a cover) for a while now, but wasn’t in any hurry to get them. I feel like it would be silly to cancel them just because of the Gina Carano thing. She’s in The Mandalorian; you can’t change that. You need to separate the character from the actress.

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    1. Are you back from hospital now? How did it go? And yeah, it’s silly to cancel but I guess since Disney earns millions a year, cancelling these books now would be nothing to them. I just feel sorry for the fans because ultimately, they are the ones that will suffer without these books to collect and admire and read 😦

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