Star Wars Collector – Qui Gon Jinn 50th Anniversary Figurine

Hi everyone! I hope your weekend is going well. Mine has just ended and I am writing this early Monday morning in Aotearoa – trying to get in an update before I have to go to work (bleh) lol.

So not a huge update, but I did buy a new figure, which I think is my first Qui Gon Jin figure, which I am really excited about! I am not one of those collectors that obsess over figures. I hardly ever look things up online, and I don’t belong on any forums either. I am basically a collector that will check toy stores randomly and buy something if I like it. I know that might be weird to some, but that’s how I roll lol 😅 If it’s something I really want (anything to do with the Skywalker’s basically – Luke, Anakin (and Vader), Ben Solo), I’ll usually buy it. I have my eye on a Darth Vader figure that is 549 NZD, lol, so it might be a wee while before I can call that one my own. But the thought is there, which usually means I’ll end up getting it soonish.

So here is the figurine I bought:


And what it looks like out of the packaging:


I am super fussy about what I spend my money on, which is why I don’t buy any figures that don’t have a close resemblance to the actual character. It looked so much like Liam Neeson and Qui Gon Jinn; I really liked it. Some figures look awful, and I often don’t know how they pass the QA checks, lol. I guess most fans don’t care about that, but I do.

Anyway, I wanted to shout out to FT for this one because I know he is one with the force when it comes to Qui Gon Jinn. 😁

What have you all been up to this weekend so far? Anything exciting or random to mention or share? Do let me know in the comments, friends, as I look forward to hearing about your weekend escapades. 😁

Stay safe out there and I’ll catch you in my next post!

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2 thoughts on “Star Wars Collector – Qui Gon Jinn 50th Anniversary Figurine

  1. Hello Julie and thanks for calling out to me…your connection to me through the Living Force is strong! Yes I did have my eye on this figure – it is just a matter of getting some credits together to afford one (I’m a bit low on money since assembling my new outfits < yes plural).
    However I think I have shown you MY action figure but if I haven't here is a link for everyone to check it out…even Chewie wanted to buy one on his Black Friday Sales hunt!

    Anyhoo thanks again and keep that figure displayed nice and safe!

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