SWTOR Update – The Most I’ve Ever Spent on One Armour Set😲😬

It’s been a long while since I’ve updated my blog about Star Wars the Old Republic even though I play almost every day. When I say I play though I mean I log on and I spend time on the GTN and updating my inventory lists when I trade. I’ve been an avid trader off and on in SWTOR for a long time now.

I enjoy trading because it means I don’t really have to interact with anyone. Back in the day when I was a serious PVPer I did the whole thing; I became part of a huge and prominent guild at the time and took my time in the game very seriously. I don’t think I really enjoyed it all that much which is why I guess I turned to trading. It’s a little anti-social but it’s my time and I think it’s important to put time aside for yourself!

Below is a snippet of my armour inventory list showing the Turncoat set as missing:


So yesterday I came across an armour set that I’ve never seen in the game since I started collecting. This was a HUGE deal for me because I’ve had this set on my list for years! To finally see it for sale on the GTN gave me a fright 😂 I wasn’t quite sure what to do. All I knew was that I had to have that set so I quickly went about moving credits on my characters and bought it. It is the most I’ve ever spent in the game costing me SIX BILLION credits.

I was so hyped about seeing the set there that I screwed up royally and accidentally bought two of the same item lol 😂 So now I am trying to make those credits back 🥲

The set that I got is actually quite ugly. And it’s not even a gold or platinum set. It still cost me six billion credits because the people selling the pieces knew that it was rare so they hiked the price right up (which is kind of expected) – I’d probably do the same thing.

This is the set here:


Now it’s back to happy trading on the GTN after that nice little excursion and being able to add a set I’ve needed for a really long time. I know there are other sets I don’t have but most of those sets are not cartel market sets. There are some sets I don’t have because they’re reputation sets you can only get through reputation with a certain faction or planet. Those sets are not really included in my inventory as I primarily focus only on GTN and Cartel Market sets.

Let me know how you’re all getting on – great I hope!

Thanks for reading, keep safe and I’ll catch you in the next post!

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6 thoughts on “SWTOR Update – The Most I’ve Ever Spent on One Armour Set😲😬

  1. I don’t know, you rich people throwing your credits around on new outfits! 😉 I have to ask how long it took for you to accrue that sort of cash because I have friends on Starforge (I think that’s the server they’re on) that struggled to get 8 million!


    1. Lol really? Well, I’ve been making money on Darth Malgus since around 2018. I think it was called something else then but I can’t remember. For me it all kind of started with one item. I wasn’t really into trading much at all before that but after I sold my first item for around 120 million credits, it kinda triggered the seller in me I guess because I’ve been collecting and trading on the GTN ever since. There are many ways to get credits in the game some of which I’ve done and others I avoid due to time limits. You can do it the old fashioned way of questing and doing individual conquest challenges which I do occasionally. You can buy cartel market packs off the GTN or from the cartel market (I do both) and sell items from those at ridiculous prices (for rarer items people will pay disgusting amounts of credits to get them as I showed you in my post) or you can just buy low and sell high (kinda like step two but where you actually spend time on the GTN watching items sell and buying them when they drop and reselling them) and I do a bit of that too. To make money in the game you have to know what is selling for high prices and what isn’t. Some items will change in value drastically which isn’t always dependent on their rarity. I’ve seen lower-tier items that I probably bought for less than 5K credits selling for 50 million in some cases and more! You have to know the market and that takes a lot of time to learn. Hope that helps 🙂


      1. Hi there, I will pass on some of your Insider Trading tips to my friend.. She normally goes round doing the quests and did the storylines but now does a lot of those “capture the flag” style skirmishes against other online players. Oh and her clan also do the casino events like the Nar Shadaa (?) event that took place a while ago.


      2. My friends stream their exploits on Twitch and that usually leads to some hilarity. I think I’ve mentioned before I wouldn’t mind getting into the game myself but the longer it takes me to get a new PC the less likely it seems I’ll manage it. However this chat has just given me an idea for a new 3D model! Thanks!


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