SWTOR Trading 101

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Tip of the day

If you’ve managed to accumulate hundreds of armour sets over the years, it’s good practice to hold onto some of them, especially if the market is flooded or prices are low. When new cartel packs come in, you can swap the newly purchased sets for sets all ready to sell, avoiding the 36-hour cartel market stand-down period. This is particularly handy if you want to sell straight away and beat everyone else to the sale. Once new items are released in cartel market packs, the result is a flooding of the market with particular armour sets and items (and then the price of said items costing next to nothing which is something traders want to avoid). Case in point – if you happen to be by the GTN on Harbinger today, take a look at Xoxaan’s armour set pieces – GTN is flooded with pieces and the prices are very low as a result. You could also buy these pieces at the lower price and hold onto them for when the price goes back up 😉

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