SWTOR: Armour Comparison #01

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I’ve started comparing armour sets in SWTOR which was always going to be a little side project of mine put in the “to do when not busy on other tasks” basket. As a SWTOR player, I am an avid collector of all things in the game, particularly armour sets. I’ve always been that type of gamer; I’ll collect something because I like to collect things I guess. No other reason. In SWTOR I collect armour sets (both cartel market items and non-cartel market items) dyes, droid pets, companions, mounts and lightsaber crystals. Armour sets are by far the largest collection probably next to lightsaber crystals and dyes. Below you’ll see a comparison image I made comparing the new Chaotic Forcemaster armour from this year to the old Battlemaster Forcemaster armour set from 2012 (both images were taken in-game by me but date and armour information sourced from TOR Fashion). I like the subtle changes they made from a set that was already pretty cool looking in design.

Armour Set: Chaotic Forcemaster 2018 vs Battlemaster Forcemaster 2012 (Imperial)
Found in: Direct to Sale for the Chaotic set. The Battlemaster set was made available as a PvP set in 2012 with the pieces being craftable by Synthweavers.
Reference: Star Wars the Old Republic Cartel Market and GTN
Image Credits: @BioWare/my screenshots


I’ll always choose imperial armour over republic simply because I play mostly on the imp side with my mains and always have. I am not sure if I’ll catalogue republic armour at this stage. And my screenshots will always be for the female body type as I have never played a male character in-game (by choice).

Overall Rating: 9/10 – the new Chaotic Forcemaster armour is an improvement in every way to its predecessor with the new pink colouring scheme on the headpiece really making it stand out. That said, I wish BioWare would do something about the clunky looking shoulder and braces/gloves as they really do need a complete rework.

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