Star Wars is Poetry has returned!

I doubt anyone will remember the little project I started on this blog called “Star Wars is Poetry”. I started it because I felt that Star Wars itself is a whole lot more than just the movies and people may not really know how poetic a lot of the star wars writing actually is. You don’t really get to experience much of it if any of it watching the movies but the books and the comics are actually full of hidden poetic treasures and I wanted to perhaps unearth and share some of them within my “Star Wars is Poetry” blog posts.

I found this little gem on Tumblr while reblogging posts from some of my favourite Star Wars blogs:

β€œThe Force is the light, the Force is the dark.Β  Jedi choose the light, for all it reveals.”

This line is actually taken from one of the star wars comics where C3-P0 translates it to Rey from one of the sacred Jedi texts:


I’m going to actively make it a mission to try and find as many of these snippets of text here and there and blog about them here when I can.