Pinterest Update #3 – Slowly moving forward!

I don’t know why my update email keeps coming in at random times from Pinterest but looking at my stats and reporting for the week; I can see that I am moving ever closer to my first goal. 😀





Last week I had three posts that pushed my viewer number right up. There are two things I’ve learned about Pinterest over the two years that I’ve been using it, two specific pinning methods that can boost your traffic and get people viewing your content:

1. PIN EVERY DAY – I know this sounds like a cliche, but it is probably the most important thing you can do on Pinterest. If your goal is to get people looking at your content, you have to be active and Pin as much as you can. I pin daily because I enjoy pinning. But not everyone is going to have the same drive or motivation, and that’s fine. I turned it into something I love to do and then it becomes one thing less that I “have to do” if you get what I mean. Try it; you might be surprised! I know it sounds like a “chore”, but it isn’t when you learn to enjoy it.

2. MAKE YOUR OWN CONTENT – It took me a while to learn that this Pinterest “trick” really helps to get your content in people’s faces (even though Pinterest tell you this method works for all the successful Pinterest blogs)🤣. Sometimes, you have to try things for yourself. And again, this may not be as easy for everyone to do, but I love to create, so it went hand-in-hand with what I do whenever I am online and became a natural step to take for Pinterest. I would say over the 18 months that I’ve been fine-tuning my content on Pinterest, my own content, edits, GIFs etc. has probably given my profile the most attention. Pinterest users LOVE original content. There is nothing wrong with pinning everyone else’s stuff, but the edits and GIFs and articles (called RICH Pins on Pinterest) draws all the traffic, and when you link to a blog, well, you’ll be well on your way to having a much more successful experience.

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