Pinterest Update #4 – Moving down

Last week I mentioned contacting Pinterest about my emails not being delivered. Looks like they fixed the problem because I received my weekly “Top Pins of the Week” email yesterday which was great.

So one thing about Pinterest is that your traffic, views, unique daily visitors etc. will continuously change. What I’ve found is that this is partially due to how often you are pinning and the quality of content. You will notice the fluctuations if you’re measuring your activity like I do and you’re bound to have weeks where there is a reduction in everything including profile views.

This week, I took a hit, and my totals went down from last week as you can see here:





This is entirely normal, at least it is for my account. I am sure some accounts only move up, but that’s definitely not me. I’ve dropped as low as 300K unique visitors during a period where I wasn’t doing a lot on my account and not pinning daily. Just like anything else, you’ll have good and bad days, weeks or even months and it’ll show in your stats (if you care about them enough to check).

Keeping content continually moving on your Pinterest account or any other social media account is a commitment of your time, and for those of us who work full-time jobs and have other commitments, you don’t always have a lot of spare time you’re not dedicating to other things such as family, partners, just life stuff. And this is the significant difference between the average blogger account and the Pinterest Business blogger. Your livelihood doesn’t depend on how often or not you pin.

If any of my readers are thinking about setting up a Pinterest account or if any of you already do, let me know what your experiences are like! I’m keen to know and share!

Til next time, friends and happy pinning!

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