QotD – How hard is it to say “No?”

I am going to format my daily questions a little differently as you can see. So today’s question is one that comes from a place I am quite familiar with

How hard is it to say “No?”

I have actually blogged about this topic a few times in my update status posts because I struggle to say “no”. And saying no can be about anything where you feel you should back out of something but you don’t. It could be a family member putting pressure on you to do things you don’t want to do, it could be a best friend, it could be a workmate – any situation where you’ve been unable to just say “no, thanks”.Saying no doesn’t come without its complexities, however. Putting someone else’s needs before your own is a really lovely thing to do. What type of person would you be if you were always focused on your individual needs and not those of your family, friends, partner, workmate? Being selfless is a beautiful thing, but everything has its limits. Being a decent person goes without saying but could you be a good person AND say no without feeling bad about it?  Have you been in a situation where not saying no was disastrous for you or perhaps vice versa?

Please don’t say no to leaving a comment or two 😅

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